Revit and SketchUp conversion and synchronization.

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BIM Final Quality Renderings.

Extend and express.

Directly convert AutoDesk Revit and SketchUp projects into visually stunning presentations.

We directly integrate into your Building Information Modeling ecosystem (BIM) as a visualization and marketing pipeline. Our BIMSync process connects your BIM into our photo-realistic and stylized environment, and automatically reacting to your revisions and additions.


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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a unified 3D model-based process that provides architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals unification with all creation, management, coordination, and simulation across a project’s entire lifecycle. In reality, the promise of a unified platform stops short when high quality visuals are needed. Revit and SketchUp models are incompatible with visual effects and rendering pipelines. Furthermore, the skillsets of the respective professionals in both areas are also incompatible.


 AutoDesk Revit / SketchUp Compatible.


Your Revit and SketchUp model will be used as a base, saving you time and costs from having to replicate the project for final renderings and animation.


the ultimate Solution

Translation and Synchronization

From Your Revit and Sketchup Models.

Our pipeline directly integrates to your BIM ecosystem as an image creation vendor for visualization and marketing. Your BIM model is synchronized into our pipeline, automatically reacting to revisions and additions. We add on additional layers of modifications so your BIM model renders exactly like our image and animation quality.


Case Study

Calgary Campus


The Beginning

Traditional renders can only be done when the design process is almost complete. However, renders are crucial in all stages of the design cycle. Our BIMSync allowed this Architect to have full detailed renderings and animations from the very beginning, when they were still pitching for the client’s commission. Their Trimble Sketchup project was integrated into our BIMSync service, synchronized with us to directly produce multiple iterations for client proposal, city permit application, design panel reviews, and civic planning.

The Result

Moody 3D’s BIMSync, our art direction and aesthetic additions are layered on top of the Architect’s Sketchup. Our team is integrated to the Architect’s workflow as an extension for seeing full detailed renders anytime at any stage. BIMSync Renderings and animation are powerful feedback responding to the Architect, not a separate production.

Building Exterior


Student Lounge

Lecture Hall

More Example Projects


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